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Islamic finance arrives in Melbourne

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It certainly looks as if things are hotting up in Australia for Islamic finance (see elsewhere in this issue of news of what Central Queensland University is up to).

Finsia, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, is the latest body to join the scrum and will be holding seminars on Islamic finance in Melbourne on Wednesday 17 October and in Sydney on Tuesday 30 October.

The promotional blurb for the events promise that the seminars can help you, ‘Find out how your organisation could benefit from one of the fastest growing segments of the global financial services industry.’

The 90-minute seminars are geared to helping participants learn about the potential of Islamic finance as an alternative funding source for Australian corporates and government projects with updates on the Islamic capital markets and the appetite for Islamic-based equity and fixed-income investing.

Finsia indicates that experts will share their insights into where Islamic finance is headed in Australia and what needs to be done to stimulate further development of Islamic finance products, including Islamic based superannuation funds in the local market.

Readers of The Islamic Globe can register for the Melbourne event by clicking here  and for the Sydney event by clicking here.

The events are not free and there is an attendance fee.